Thursday, December 06, 2012

Ten tidal bores of the world from TBRS

As someone grown up in China in the good old days, I have learned about the tidal bore at Chian-Tang River in Che-Chiang Province in elementary school.  Later on I also learned about the mathematics of tidal bore in graduate school.  Though I have never been to Chian-Tang River to actually see the bore there, I did have a chance to see the tidal bore at Nova Scotia when I attended a conference there some years ago. But I have never heard that there's a Tidal Bore Research Society until today when I wondered my way into them on the internet.  The TBRS website is really a gold mine for tidal bore informations all around the world complete with all pictures and detail informations. Here's their comparison table of 10 largest tidal bores in the world:

I recommend visit their web site to check out of the local pictures. It's a very nice adventure at home!

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