Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Super Winter Storm Nemo 2013

Here is a satellite picture of the recent super winter storm Nemo hit the Northeast New England area with mega snows:

and here's a video of on shore waves during the same winter storm

The video was taken on Feb 9, 2013 as Nemo sends huge waves crashing along the Massachusetts coastline at high tide.  The video was filmed by Jim Edds of ExtremeStorm.com. The video is also available in Youtube here.

Now here is a picture of snow fall in Billerica, Massachusetts as posted in Wikipedia:

So we have seen the main effects of the Super Winter Storm Nemo of 2013. The storm was well predicted and people were prepared for it. Hopefully the damages were all minimized.  At least this kind of winter storm will not happen very often, even though it is part of the nature we all have to face some time!  

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