Thursday, February 14, 2013

Surfing the coastal waves on skis!

O.K. we all have seen surfing on nearshore big waves, and we all have seen ski on snowy mountain slopes.  But how about ski on big waves nearshore? Well, seeing is believing, take a look at the following YouTube:

Here's the article from the TNT Magazine with this desceiption:

Daredevil Chuck Patterson found a novel way to tackle the waves off the coast of Hawaii – on skis! 
It looks like another big wave riding hero but look a little closer and you can see that the man at bottom of the wall of water is not on a board but skis. Look a little closer still and the mental wave rider has two ski poles in his hands as well.

Chuck is a ‘driven by his passion for snow’. He grew up skiing in Lake Tahoe California as a young man but has made the transition to water, now.

He obviously gets a little snow-sick for the slopes though and decided to give himself a little reminder as his ski-surf YouTube video above shows.
Surfing the wave on skis! Hmm, I never thought that can be done. Now how about ski with a surfing board?  Why not?  Anything is possible!!!

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