Friday, August 30, 2013

A painting of ocean waves in the open sea

When I downloaded this, I thought it was a photo picture of ocean waves, but it turned out to be an art oil painting on a 31.89 in by 39.37 canvas:

The Spanish artist's name is Carmen Alonso, I can't find out any other informations about him (or her). As I was impressed by the scenery of large waves and thinking it was real, now knowing it's a painting, I can't help wandering whether or not the scenery is or can be real. It's waves from many different directions come together at an instant.  I guess I can not point out any specific indications to say that was not real, we can only terribly impressed with the artist's talents, skill, and vivid imagination. At the bottom of the painting there's a long patch of white foam.  Could it be the aftermath of a breaking freaque wave? Well I am imagining.  If a freaque wave occurred out there in the middle of the vast ocean, no one is out there to witness it, hence it had never happened!  Really?

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