Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Marriage proposal made amidsts costal ocean waves

There's always some new imaginative ways of making marriage proposal memorable. This one related to ocean waves naturally caught my attention. Here's the start of the story:
On November 21st, 2012, Matthew Hartman attempted to pull off an epic marriage proposal that his girlfriend would talk about for the rest of their lives. He led her to a large rock surrounded by ocean waters at Laguna Beach, California, and then sang her a song that he wrote for the occasion. Then he got down on one knee to pop the question. Or, at least that was the plan.
A large ocean wave had other plans for the couple. At just the wrong time, it decided to crash the party and sweep the girl off her feet before Hartman could. . . . 
The article, written by Michael Zhang on March 10 this year, consisted a video and a series of picture recorded this memorable event, took place at Laguna Beach, California and planned by the future groom Matthew Hartman and his photographer friend Jonathan Hwang. Here's what had happened according to Hwang:
On the day of the event, I arrived just as his friends were laying down a path of candles out to the rock that Matt was planning to stand on. That idea was quickly swept away as an enormous wave engulfed both the candles and the friend who was laying them down. Having witnessed that scene, everyone began to panic and we almost decided to have the proposal on the beach instead of out on the rocks. I tried my best to reassure everybody, telling them, “What are the chances of it happening during the actual proposal?”
However, I was secretly hoping that the odds would be on my side and that they would get swallowed by a wave. After all, that was the shot I had dreamed about. Little did I know that I would get my chance right as the ring makes its first appearance. Looking back, it probably was not the wisest thing to put the two in potential danger, and thankfully nobody was hurt.
The last comment "nobody was hurt" is certainly the best and thankful part of the whole story.  No one can guarantee this but they just happened.  Hwang's concluding comment tells it all:
In the end, it might not have been the most thought out proposal, nor was it safe by any means, but the results from that day turned out to be both spectacular and breathtaking–literally!
So that's the way it was happened -- a nice story book like story. Hope their future life together will be just as happy and successful as this drama of making very special memorable marriage proposal turned out to be!

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