Saturday, February 08, 2014

Fishermen rescued after boat capsizes at Point Nepean

This news headline "Fishermen rescued after boat capsizes at Point Nepean" in the Melborne  Nerald Sun News today has seemingly familiar sounding that had happened before, but it is a new case:
A FISHERMAN was plucked from the water with serious injuries after being tossed into the sea when a freak wave caused his boat to capsize off Victoria's coast.
The 25-year-old Rowville man was rescued at Point Nepean by a passing crayfishing boat operator, who took him to Queenscliff where they met Water Police, this morning.
Officers administered first aid to him before he was flown to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.
His friend, a 36-year-old Mornington man who was captain of the 4.5m tinny, was washed up on shore near Cheviot Beach at the tip of the Peninsula, with cuts and bruises.
He was winched to safety by the police Air Wing helicopter in a dramatic rescue about 9.40am, before being transported to Rosebud Hospital.
Victoria's Water Police have been busy in recent weeks with rescues as more fishermen and boaters take to the water amid the warmer weather. 
The article by Rebekah Cavanagh tells another boat capsize case for the record! Boats in the nearshore area are vulnerable for being capsized by waves, was it always caused by a freaque wave? No one really knows! This time it was specified by the news writer as by a freaque wave. Some time reporters choose to use a different term.  It's all some sort of nearshore waves, some large, some larger, are they freaque? Who knows? Since we don't have a firm definition, it's not even in the eyes of the beholder, it's just whatever the reporter feels like to call it! I guess the only thing that all cases have in common is it usually not anticipated by the victim when it happened.  The unexpectedness, some time may be just taken for granted, is all that figured or not figured in the uncertainty -- happens out there day in and day out. Facts of life? Science does not seem to be able to do anything tangible about it!!

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