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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happened at Milford-on-Sea, UK Hampshire

Here are two PA pictures captured from this Daily Star article yesterday by Tom Rawle with these headlines:

Army rescue stranded Valentine's Day diners as restaurant is hit by giant waves

ARMY troops were called in last night to rescue 32 people from the first floor of a restaurant that was hit by hurricane-force winds and huge waves.

That's about all that's what happening along with this details:
The couples were enjoying a love-filled Valentine's Day meal when storms blew out windows at the Marine Restaurant in Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire. 
Worried eaters were taken upstairs as waves pushed in to the restaurant 
Emergency services including coastguards, firefighters and the Army were called in to save the stranded lovers at around 10pm on Friday night. 
James McCrossan, a chef at the restaurant, said: "The wind was just smashing against the windows. It almost looked like the windows were bending 
"The outside of the windows started smashing. There was glass everywhere, it wasn't safe for anyone."It's like I never seen before and, touch wood, I hope never to see it again." 
The couples were eventually saved by six-wheel-drive Army vehicles as the sea began to submerge cars in the car park according to reports. 
Karen Bosman, from Lymington Coastguard, told BBC Breakfast said she had never seen weather like it before. 
She told BBC Breakfast: "When our coastguard got there, they were just making sure everybody was safe when the first-floor windows were also hit by a freak wave and shingle, and those windows were also stoved in by the weather. 
She added: "The sustained ferocity I have never seen in my experience. Last night we were getting gusts of 69 knots while this was occurring, and 69 knots is hurricane-force winds. 
"I have never seen that in the Solent before."
Needless to say, which may be an understatement, that was a memorable Valentine Day storm! Hard to believe that waves can get that far up to the restaurant location, but they certainly did!

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