Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another fishing village, another freaque waves tragedy!

Musselburgh is a charming little old town, located six miles east of Edinburgh city centre, which is known to be Scotland's oldest town since it was first settled by the Romans in the years following their invasion of Scotland in AD80. Fisherrow is a part of Musselburgh that was formerly a fishing village with its Fisherrow Harbor duly preserved as a traditional fishing harbor that can only be used primarily by pleasure boats, although a few inshore fishing vessels remain.

For a town rich in history and tradition, they just paid tribute to seven Fisherrow fishermen who lost their lives onboard their fishing vessel Alice of Boddam during a nasty October storm 125 years ago. Here's the story as told in East Lothian Courier
The devastating storm hit after the Alice of Boddam – which had left Fisherrow harbour five days previously – was attempting to return to Dunbar following a spell of bad fishing. In the midst of the turmoil, the boat was seen half a mile away from Dunbar harbour when two massive waves struck sinking the vessel with all her crew.
So this 125 years old tragedy is a long memorialized freaque waves case locally but not well known for the outside world. As it was seen that the vessel was struck by two massive waves, there should be no doubt that they have encountered freaque waves. The story of Alice of Boddam uncannily resembles a case on the other side of the Atlantic in November, 1991, the Andrea Gail. Another fishing village, another freaque waves tragedy!

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