Friday, October 20, 2006

A happy ending at last!

Not all the encounters with huge waves in the ocean end in tragedy. Thank God! Here's a happy ending story posted on the super site Ships Nostalgia by their super Senior Member Rushie. I find it is germane to what I am doing here so I took the liberty to copy the whole article here including his tittle:


Four fishermen rescued clinging to wreckage

The US Navy has rescued four Filipino fishermen found clinging to the wreckage of their vessel after four days at sea, officials and survivors said Friday.

An ABS-CBN Regional News Group report identified the fishermen as Jimmy de Gracia and Raymond, Giovanni and Andrew Sumandal.

The four, pale and close to death, were taken for treatment to a military hospital Friday in the southern port city of Zamboanga.

The fishermen sailed Monday but their motorboat had been destroyed by huge waves off the western island of Palawan. One of the fishermen said that they survived by clinging onto the wreckage and drinking seawater.

In a statement, the US Navy said a US Navy SH-60B Seahawk helicopter was conducting routine training flights when it noticed the men Thursday aboard a submerged craft and waving a white banner.

The helicopter radioed the nearby HSV Swift, a US naval logistics vessel, which sent a smaller boat out to rescue the men.

The fishermen were turned over by the US Navy to the Western Mindanao Command.
Of course I was prompted by the fact that "their motorboat had been destroyed by huge waves." It is difficult to ferret out whether or not freaque waves are part of those huge waves. But it can always be surmised. Again we don't yet know where, when, how, or why those huge freaque waves happen, but it is always gratifying to hear a happy ending story. Thanks Rushie!

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