Monday, November 12, 2007

Angler dies after freak wave capsizes boat

Here's a depressing tragic news we wish it will never happen. It was reported in ABC Newcastle NSW this morning. The news report was brief:

Port Stephens water police will today try to salvage a boat that capsized near Broughton Island yesterday, drowning one of its crew.

Three men were in the boat, taking part in a fishing tournament, when a freak wave overturned the boat.

It took an hour for rescue crews to retrieve the body of the 41-year-old man from western Sydney.

Sergeant Tony Hogg says the boat is now perched on a rocky outcrop on the edge of the island.

"At the time, the tide was up a bit so that would have helped to get it in the position it's in," he said.

"Our guys are going out this morning on high tide to see whether we can salvage the boat or not.

"But people should be aware that there are areas around Broughton Island that are very dangerous, in particularly when it's smooth, but in actual fact if there's a bit of a swell it can peak and present some sort of danger."

So in essence it was the sad news of three men in a small boat that was capsized by a freaque wave and one life was lost. I think the last sentence in the report is very sobering: in the Sergeant's words the dangers will be there all the time particularly when it's smooth and a bit of swell "can peak and present some sort of danger." That really can happen to any beach and nearshore area and even the deep ocean. You just can not relax and taking things for granted when you are out there!

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