Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Eleuthera cliffs

I only made one Caribbean cruise and I have never heard of Eleuthera. I come across this advertisment article by Perry Joseph, written in 2005, that somehow captured my fancy. Here's his description of encountering a freaque wave on the cliff:
Imagine standing on a virtually sheer cliff a hundred plus feet above the ocean and watching the water pound on the rock face below. You feel perfectly safe and removed from the ocean’s displayof brute force… that is until a rogue wave hits the cliff wall and jumps up over your head dumping hundreds of gallons of sea water on you and your poor camera. This is immediately followed with a scream “What was that?” Since there are no reefs to break the water coming into the cliffs, the right wave breaking at the right angle produces a water show that even the Bellagio can not match.
which is a fairly good account of what had or might have happened. While Eleuthera has been described as "a bit of Eden" because of its hard packed pink sand beaches, I don't think I would relish to live or even visit there, especially after seeing the following pictures I found:

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PJ said...

You picked photos from the cliffs and missed the countless other photos showing some of the magnificent beachfront on Eleuthera.

And for the record, that link reference you found was not done by me. It was lifted from an entry I made on Ezines. It wasn't meant to be an advertisement; just simply a travel article. Whoever lifted it apparantly was using it as filler for their site. Lousy part about it is they didn't bother to include a link to my website.

Perry Joseph
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