Saturday, November 10, 2007

Remembering the Fitz 2007

I guess we can probably call November 10th the Fitz Day by now. It was 32 years ago today, the world was shocked to learn that the largest ship on the Great Lakes at the time was lost during a strom in eastern Lake Superior near Whiltfish Bay along with all 29 crew members on board. The tragidy being remembered every year on this day since then. Here's a roundup of some of the rememberance or comemorations I came across on the internet today:

1. A very good article by bolgger steelwhip2001 that provides detail updated information including a cool Youtube video tribute completed with Gordon Lightfoot's singing. I was particularly interested in this:
A documentary created and aired by the Discovery Channel investigated a large "fold" found in the hull plating. Previous defects with cargo hold covers and clamps as well as cracking issues were also addressed. Through the use of wave tanks and computer simulation, the Discovery Channel team concluded the loss of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald was due to a freak wave. Reports show three large waves were detected, two of which were reported by the Edmund Fitzgerald. As per the investigation, it was theorized that the SS Edmund Fitzgerald was badly battered by the first two waves, further damaging the dual radar (which shared a common antenna) and the hatch covers. It is surmised that the SS Edmund Fitzgerald took on water through the damaged cargo hold covers and was then overwhelmed by the third wave.
2. Another one by blogger Quad and Fish. And another one here.

3. An interesting video article here reported a week ago by Jeanette Trompeter of talked about Split Rock Lighthouse but include this:
The Edmund Fitzgerald did not go down off Split Rock, but it went by the lighthouse the night before. That's why every year the folks at Split Rock Lighthouse pay tribute to the ship and its men.

Once a year, the magnificent beacon is lit again and the names of those who went down on the Fitzgerald are read.

It's an opportunity to honor, not only the lives lost in these waters, but the bravery of all those who have and still do navigate their way along Minnesota's North Shore.
4. This one from Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter:
To commemorate the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald 32 years ago during a storm on Lake Superior, the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, 75 Maritime Drive, will open “Of Ships and Men — The Edmund Fitzgerald” on Saturday, Nov. 10.

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