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Friday, March 28, 2008

Not safe even just walking!

Here's a simple news, from Charleston, Oregon, that may have often repeated at different places around the globe and at different times, but the story is more or less the same:
(CHARLESTON, Ore.) - Coast Guard officials reported today that one of their helicopter crews airlifted a man near Charleston, Oregon. It is reported that 39-year old Frank Schneidle sustained injuries while walking along the beach close to the Cape Arago Lighthouse.
Perhaps the next paragraph can be used as a universalized message in general:
The Oregon coast is known as a treacherous location for beachcombing and even just walking during storms. Officials frequently talk about "sneaker" or rogue waves that take people by surprise and often drag them out to sea.
Just be ready to replace the location of "Oregon coast" by any other coastal area, the above will be a very good warning advice. The message that should never be ignored is that coastal area is never a safe place for beachcombing by any means even just walking!

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