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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rescue and a happy ending

What would be the best outcome for a search and rescue operation? Rescue and a happy ending, of course! Here's such a news from the Sydney Morning Herald by Jordan Baker that makes a nice reading for a Sunday morning:

TWO fishermen have survived 34 hours at sea after a freak wave capsized their boat off the South Coast.

Relatives raised the alarm yesterday morning after the men failed to return home.

Helicopters searched an 1430 square mile area from Kiama south to Bawley Point.

The men, aged 40 and 45, were found in the early afternoon clinging to their overturned boat off Burrill Lake. A trawler rescued the men and towed the boat to Ulladulla. The pair were flown to Wollongong Hospital for medical treatment.

What a wonderful relieve for their family and relatives. Deo gratias!

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