Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Playing in the snow!

Allow me to exercise my prerogative of showing off my maternal grandfatherly pride again.

This past weekend my daughter and her family were visiting us on their annual Christmas trip from Florida. Being from Florida, my two granddaughters CJ and Anna are eager to play with the snow. With a foot of snow a week ago, I assured them that they should have plenty to play with. Well, not quite! May be they also brought an Indian summer with them on this trip. Sunday's temperature in southeastern Michigan exceeded 58F, so much so that all the snows in our back yard were melted. CJ was in tears when she realized that. Luckily though their grandmother noticed that there's still a pile of good clean snow on the edge of our front lawn near the house, that gave them a chance to play in the snow after all.

Here are some of their plays in action. It's a windy day, as you can see one neighbor's empty garbage can was rolling around on the street. Here they are, with their Daddy's help and Mom and Grandma (they call her Laulau) in the background, playing in the snow:
And they really played diligently despite the wind and wind chill (It was too cold for me I missed the part when Anna was singing and dancing in the snow!):
And here are their final products, with mucho thanks to their innovative Dad, CJ made a snow tiger, I think:
And Anna made a birdie, or more likely, a swan!
Now here's a Christmas picture by a professional photographer of the two girls:
Can't you tell that I am the proudest grandfather (they call me Yeh-yeh!) in the whole wide world?


CJ is 6 and 3/4 in the first grade, an aspiring artist and figure skater and plays violin and piano, who also loves math and reads Children Bible fluently. Except may have difficulty pronouncing those biblical names as her parents might like to add. But what adults can correctly pronounce those biblical names any way?

Anna is 4 and 1/2, in preschool. She'll be officially in kindergarten next year. But she can already write all the alphabets, doing additions, and knows her phonics well. For instance she says "fruit" and written down "FROOT" on paper.

Yesterday I had a conversation with Anna when she noticed that I have band aids on my left hand that goes like this:

Anna: Why these band aids?
Me: Oh I got paper cuts.
Anna: Paper cuts on three fingers?
Me: Yea, that was a large sheet of paper with sharp edges.
Anna: Ouch!

As her mother likes to say: Anna is four going on fourteen!

Happy New Year!

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