Friday, December 26, 2008

Surfs up along Bay Area coastline

Bay Area News just shown this beautiful surf picture by Fergal O'Doherty online:
but with this depressing news:
3 people have died and two were saved after getting caught by a rogue wave near Point Mugu, north of Malibu.
along with these reports:

Wavess up to 23 feet high have been hitting from Monterey to Sonoma County. There were some reports of 16 to 20 foor seas from Bodega Bay to Point Arena Friday morning.

In San Francisco, peak swells will coincide with high tide at about 10 a.m., meaning their could be beach erosion.

and this sound, sober advisory:

The waves can be beautiful, but people are warned not to get too close.

The high surf advisory is expected to remain in effect through about 10 p.m. Friday night.

Yes, indeed, such beautiful sight but just be forewarned not to get too close at any rate. On a second thought this advice can also be applied to a lot of things in life!

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