Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Another coastal rock fishing tragedy

Here's a picture of the Battery Point Lighthouse of Crescent City, California. A tragedy happened Monday afternoon as reported by Sean Garmire of the Times-Standard:

Two Crescent City men drowned Monday afternoon when a large wave swept them from the rocks as they were fishing near the Battery Point Lighthouse.

Those men, 36-year-old Troy Kuykendall and Hoyt Walker, 46, were fishing for perch when a rogue wave suddenly hit the jagged rocky point on which the men were standing, pulling Kuykendall into the water, said Del Norte County Sheriff's Cmdr. Tim Athey.

While Walker attempted to reach his friend, another wave slammed against the point and swept him into the water, as well.

Athey said Troy Kuykendall's brother, 33-year-old Ben Kuykendall of Fresno, who was fishing nearby, jumped into the water in an effort to save the two other men, but a third wave pushed him back out of the water and onto the rocks.

Del Norte County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene and attempted to reach the men, but the rocky area was too dangerous, and police were forced to call the U.S. Coast Guard, Athey said.

Coast Guard Lt j.g. Todd Vorenkamp piloted the helicopter that reached the scene as Sheriff's deputies below continued their rescue attempts.

They managed to recover the bodies but both lives lost tragically. May they rest in peace.

Coastal rocks are beautiful and challenging, nevertheless, stay away from them!

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