Friday, April 17, 2009

Freaque wave at the Volvo Ocean Race

For someone who only drives American brand cars, I only know Volvo is the brand of some foreign cars. Please pardon the deliberate ignorance here. Volvo Ocean Race does not necessarily surprise me for their existence. I don't usually pay much attention to this sort of things anyway. But a partial news tidbit reported in today's attracted my attention:
As the wind started to pick up, Ericsson 3’s skipper, Magnus Olsson was washed into the steering pedestal by a rogue wave, which left him momentarily stunned and with injured ribs. He managed to climb into his bunk without help saying afterwards, 'I was not prepared for that wave at all. It feels stupid to be hit like this by the first wave that reaches the deck.'
So a freaque wave made its appearance in the Volvo Ocean Race by managed to pushed its way to the steering pedestal, that's certainly not something to be expected. have some sympathy on skipper Olsson and his injury. But he shouldn't feel stupid at any rate. It could happen to any one. In a race or just lesaurely sailing. Just be happy that was all. Worst things couldhave happen too. Well, race in the ocean can always be thrilling as well as breathtaking. Here are two pictures from Sail-world:

Imagine yourself that you were in one of the boats out there!

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