Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happened at Kona Pebble Beach, Hawaii

Here is a sad story that caused by waves that has not quite been blamed on freaque waves yet, but probably it was a case of freaque wave like many other places we have seen it happened over and over again. This one happened at Pebble Beach of South Kona of the Big Island, Hawaii to a Michigan lady as reported by Ann Arbor News:

There were two things that made Saline resident Donna Moran very nervous: flying and water. Still, she was excited about her first trip to Hawaii, which involved quite a bit of both.

Last Tuesday, Moran's boyfriend dropped her off at Pebble Beach on the Big Island's South Kona region and told her he'd be back after he picked up something at the house they were sharing with friends.

By the time he returned, she had drowned.

Moran, 60, a 33-year assembly line worker at GM Powertrain, was apparently standing in a few inches of water along the shore when a massive wave suddenly overtook her. When she cried for help, a man on the beach tried to get to her in a small dinghy, but was unable to reach her because of the force of the waves.

Another witness called for help, but it was too late by the time rescue workers arrived to attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Moran was pronounced dead at Kona Community Hospital.

This is a very sad tragedy. We all have fond memories of our first visit to Hawaii and the Big Island. Usually travel from Kona to Hilo. Story like this one should not ever happen. When someone goes to Hawaii, how can anyone could offer the advice as "not go near the water"? But the fact is: of all the peaceful and beautiful beaches, there are always be a freaque wave lurking out there ready to attack some time, some where. One just can't be too careful.

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