Friday, June 12, 2009

Sarah's fantastic run

The following narration was in today's Manchester Evening News, an article written by Ben Rooth:
"I went on holiday to Thailand, in November 2007, and signed up for a luxury trip on a speedboat.

"The seas turned out to be extremely volatile, and the boat hit a freak wave which sent it flying up in the air, along with all passengers.

"The impact of the landing caused me to break one of my lumbar vertebrae, and the doctors later told me that I come incredibly close to being paralysed.

"My back was eventually fused together with eight pins, so I was fantastically proud when I finished the race - and raised some money for a fantastic cause."
The speaker was Sarah Newton who participated the "Great Manchester Run" last month. It is indeed fantastic to be able to cross the finish line of a 10k race after broken her lumber vertebrae that was caused by a freaque wave as she described. It is not clear how the freaque wave happened, but it does not matter and it did happened. I admire her courage and recovery. I broken my left hip in January of 2005. The hip replacement surgery was a total success, but I still can no longer run and even walk is not smooth at times. I blame it on aging process, but I need more of Ms. Sarah's courage nevertheless.

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