Thursday, June 11, 2009

Natural disasters under Commie in China

As we are enjoying our North America spring/summer now, we may not immediately realize it's the beginning of frosting winter for our friend downunder in the southern hemisphere. Well that's normal seasonal changes. But what we have not yet heard from our agenda-driven media is what's happening now in the other side of the northern hemisphere -- the ordinary people in mainland China under the Commie regime are enduring through the worst nature disaster of drought in the norther provinces and flooding in the southern provinces. Here are some pictures of what flooding and droughts are like:

Most of us are probably only heard about flooding and drought, but never ever seen what it was really happening, especially the drought. Now you can see the despair on the people's face facing the dry land, the Commie government of these people is so rich from stealing and seizinf from people that Obama and Clinton have to kowtou to them, those commies couldn't care less about people's plight, may not even admit it, and so our media are just happy to accommodate. Most people of the rest of the world may not ever see it. I found these pictures in the anti-commie Chinese language news sites (e.g.

I don't know what's there that we can do. Just be aware and pray, I guess.

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Mother of Mercy, pray for us!