Monday, June 22, 2009

A jolt by a freaque wave.

Here's a rather interesting case reported by WCSH6 of New Hampshire yesterday on account of a freaque wave:

SCARBOROUGH (NEWS CENTER) -- Some recreational fishermen in a boat off Higgins Beach in Scarborough got a jolt this afternoon. From a rogue wave.

The wave knocked their boat up against the rocks as they were reeling in mackeral, just off shore.

The three people on board jumped out and made it safely to shore thanks to some help from beach goers. No one was hurt.

The boat owner hopes to get his vessel off the rocks at high tide.
The boat owner should certainly be happy about the case that no one was hurt and all three people on board were made it safely to shore. Anything can and might happen. But this time it really happened for the best possible outcome. Thank God!

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