Saturday, December 05, 2009

Happened at HMAS Canberra site

One of the typical reportage of freaque wave cases in the news is just the mention of freaque wave as the culprit but without any details. The report today in Herald Sun of Australia by David Hastie is no exception:
A FREAK wave has capsized the first dive boat to moor at the controversial HMAS Canberra site, which opened this morning.

Four people on board the 7m boat were swept into the water early this morning after the vessel capsized off the coast of Ocean Grove.

The coastguard was required to haul the dive team and their boat back to Queenscliff.

No one was injured, police said.

We have no doubt that it happened and it was a freaque wave that might have caused it. I guess it will be too much to expect further informations beyond what was reported. It's just not amenable to be useful for any possible scientific studies. Anyway, the good news from this brief news is that "No one was injured"! Hope we can say the same for all cases.

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