Wednesday, December 09, 2009

When a freaque wave hit . . .

What happen when you got hit by a large freaque wave? Well, in the article by Kate Dwyer of Camden Courier has a lively answer:

TAKING ‘Time Out’ proved a risky business for father and son sailors Col and Aaron Purton last week.

The experienced yachtsmen were sailing their newly-purchased Top Hat 25 from Trial Bay to Sydney for renovation in preparation for its future as a family fun cruiser on Sydney Harbour.

After mooring overnight in the Camden Haven they rose early Thursday morning with news of favourable conditions to cross the bar and continue their southward journey.

After crossing the bar safely their yacht ‘Time Out’ was hit by a large freak wave.

“It stood us on our end and we came smashing down,” said Aaron.

Yes, “It stood us on our end and we came smashing down” is one case that had really happened. No one can make it up unless you were there. The father and son sailors in Dwyer's story were lucky, they had a third radio on board. Only their boat "Time Out" sustained some damage that needs to be repaired. There might be plenty of other possibilities that can be worse. We'll never know for certain what might happen when a freaque wave hit. Just be prepared as much as possible and pray!

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