Sunday, January 03, 2010

Giant Waves Hit French Riviera

They did not call it freaque, they called the giant waves this time but the tragic effects are the same either way as reported in the Digital News:
The strong wind, which raged on the French Riviera and Corsica on 1 January, has created conditions for 3 - 5 meters waves.
Six persons were swept away by the waves while they were walking on the beach of Cap Croisette. Three of them were already reported as dead. A couple was found at the Cap Croisette close to Marseille. They were caught by the waves trying to save their dog which fell down to the sea. Woman, 28 years old, suffered a cardiac arrest when being caught by the giant waves in Cap-Ferrat.

French authorities are concerned that the other three people might be also dead as the search operation on the French Riviera was not successful and was cancelled on Saturday.

Damages were reported on the beaches of Antibes and Juan les Pins where the beach restaurants have been completely destroyed by the waves and some coastal roads were closed to traffic.

The storm also made a lot of damage in Corsica especially on the western side of the island where many beach restaurants and boats were damaged.
What could be more appealing than a leisurely stroll on the beach of French Riviera on New Year's day? Well dangers and tragic are just around the corner. It is again, any time and any place and we don't know where, when, what, how, or why!

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