Monday, January 04, 2010

Survival the toughest!

Here's a frightening nearshore freaque wave encounter and rescue story in southeast Queensland of Australia as reported in Gold Coast News:

Mr. Laurie, a 60 year old former rugby player and coach encountered a freaque wave as "he swam in front of the Currumbin Beach Vikings surf club before Christmas" and "lost part of his scalp", that was frightening! In his own words:
"It was a blindside tackle, I never saw it coming,"
"My scalp had fallen off on the righthand side and I was bleeding from top to toe. It wasn't a pretty sight," he said. "As they (waves) came I had to do my best to cushion the blow and just keep my head away. There nothing I could do except cop the punishment."
Luckily he was rescued by young club members and a patrol captain. According to the report Mr. Freier lost about three buckets of blood but staying conscious and pulled through. Here's Mr. Freier and his rescuers:

Not everyone can be as healthy and strong as Mr. Freier. But his survivor story should always be encouraging!

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