Monday, January 04, 2010

A lucky fishing episode

It has to be luck that this fishing boat encountered a freaque wave and survived:

Lucy Pearce reports in Dorset Echo today:

A Portland fisherman was treated for hypothermia and cuts after his boat nearly sunk when it was hit by a ‘freak wave’.

Weymouth all-weather and inshore lifeboats were launched and the Coastguard rescue helicpoter scrambled after the Nimble was swamped by the wave just off Portland Bill.

Joseph Kimpton, 25, from Fortuneswell was at the helm the boat at the time when the wave hit the vessel and shattered the wheelhouse window.

Here in the young Mr. Kimpton's words on what had happened:

“I was drift fishing when it happened and as I went over the tide, a freak wave came up over me and shot me down.

“Suddenly all I could see was this massive wave which must have been between 20 and 30ft.

“Then all the glass just shattered and the entire wheelhouse filled up as well as the back.

“I couldn’t see anything because I was completely submerged in water and covered in glass.

“I wouldn’t say I was calm but I tried to stay in control of the boat because it could have been close to sinking.

“Two crew members including my dad were trying to get rid of the water out of the back while I was controlling the boat.

“It is illegal to go out on your own, but if I had of been alone I’d be dead.

“When the back was clearer my dad had to take over from me driving because when I tried to turn left, I turned right and when I tried to turn right, I turned left. I just couldn’t think straight.”

It's good to have a detailed account from the one who was there. The good news is that while the boat sustained damage, all on board were safely rescued. John Sargent, RNLI press communications officer has this to say:
“It appears that it was a rogue wave that hit this vessel. Both RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) lifeboats had to assist but the vessel was able to make its own way back in to shore.

“When a rogue wave hits, it is just bad luck.”

Yes but it must also be good luck that everyone survived, including the boat. Happy New Year!

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