Monday, September 26, 2011

Freaque waves -- The Wave?

This BBC video has this introductory line:

Rogue waves have long been one of the great mysteries of the sea, a thing
of legend among seafarers but poorly understand by scientists.

I don't know who actually wrote this particular line originally. It struck me as a quite good and accurate assessment. But I do suspect that some scientist may bot be too happy with being characterize as "poorly understood"!

The video, narrated by Susan Casey, author of the book "the Wave, has some good impressive footage of large storm waves in the North Sea along with some disastrous scenes of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, appears sneakily like a commercial for the book "The Wave" rather than a news item. But it's a worthy 4 minutes to spend watching it.

Now, would the scientists care to do something tangible to remedy their "poor" understandings or do they think their theoretical attainments should be sufficient? I know some optics physicists have already claimed that they have the whole issue of ocean freaque waves totally solved -- in the optics without being inconveniently bothered with the real oceans out there!

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