Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A nice rescue story on Tuggerah Lake

Freaque waves are everywhere even on a small lake as this nice successful rescue story from Australia shows this morning. Here's the part about freaque wave:

Although conditions were relatively mild when the 7m outrigger left Toukley for a training exercise, conditions changed dramatically by the time they reached the southern end of the lake.

Winds reaching 50 knots made conditions extremely dangerous and a wind gust combined with a freak wave capsized the outrigger, tipping all crew members into the waters.

There's really no surprise there. ". . . a wind gust combined with a freak wave . . ." pretty much summed up what had happened. The quick rescue made by the local residence in this case is very impressive as “The conditions were absolutely atrocious and there wasn’t a minute to be lost,” really! How many local coastal residing people have this kind of attitude and preparation? Thank God these unsung heroes are out there!

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