Thursday, September 01, 2011

Wave watchers beware!

This picture was published in Scarborough Evening News showing a spectacular waves crushing over Royal Albert Drive. The picture was taken by Andrew Higgins.
HOLIDAYMAKERS have been warned that they are playing with their lives in heavy waves along Scarborough’s seafront.
Both the police and the coastguard yesterday spoke out against wave dodgers on Royal Albert Drive, alongside the railings in North Bay. Their warnings come on the sixth anniversary of the inquest on a family of three – swept to their deaths after a freak wave dragged them out to sea.
Kim Barrett, 33, and her two children, Luke and Aimee Greenwood, 11 and 13, drowned after being pulled into the sea from the slipway at North Bay. This week in 2005, coroner Michael Oakley said: “It is clear the deaths of these two children and their mother was an accident and demonstrates the power of the sea cannot at any time be ignored.”
There could have been another tragedy during Tuesday’s high tide, as a family were witnessed making their daughter, about six years old, pose in front of the railings on Royal Albert Drive as waves came crashing behind her.
Well wave watching is always fun -- but make it certain that you are safe first and foremost! There are plenty of lives lost just to post for a picture in front of the waves.

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