Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another pulled out to sea tragedy by a freaque wave.

Tragedy, with depressingly familiar script plot, happened in California again, as this Sky News reports: A 32-year-old woman is struck by a freak wave and pulled out to sea in a tragic scene witnessed by her boyfriend:

A woman has drowned after a freak wave swept her out to sea as she walked on a northern California beach with her boyfriend and dog. 
 Susan Archer, 32, of Shelter Cove, was on the rocky shore near her home when she was pulled into the ocean. 
 Her body was found after a 45-minute search by rescue boats and a helicopter. 
 Ms Archer's boyfriend was injured when the wave threw him against rocks. The dog was pulled into the water but was able to swim to safety. 
 Officials in the area have been warning beach-goers to keep their distance from the water's edge and watch out for so-called sneaker waves that suddenly rush ashore. 
 It is the third such tragedy in California in recent months after a man was killed near Point Reyes, north of San Francisco, on New Year's Day while he and his wife were trying to rescue his dog.
An all too familiar occurrence that happens again and again all around the world oceans.  We don't know where, when, how or why. But it just repeatedly happening all over, again and again.  When can we prevent it from happening and save lives???

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