Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Frozen water fountain in South Oregon.

Here's the picture of a frozen water fountain published yesterday in the Mail Tribune of South Oregon:

It is hard to imagine that a moving water fountain can frozen while water was still moving. This picture seems to show just that! The picture is from the article by Bill Kettler in the Mail Tribune of South Oregon.  The title of the interesting article with this picture is "Cold enough for ya?" Note that in the Sothern Oregon where they consider temperature in the 20's as cold! (In the south east Michigan here the temperature was in single digits! this morning.)  Anyway, the caption of this picture is "Water from a fountain stands frozen in time outside a home on Twin Creeks Crossing last week in Central Point." Somehow I don't seem to have seen a picture like this elsewhere!  May be I am just being less informed!

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