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Friday, January 11, 2013

A VIDEO of Port Isaac lifeboat's successive rescue in rough sea

In this four days ago News, the UK Falmouth Packet carried this following video of a brilliant brave rescue effort by the Port Issac RNLI team :

The video was shot by Matt Main using an RNLI helmet camera and finishes abruptly because it was damaged during the recovery of the man into the D class inshore lifeboat.

The Port Isaac lifeboat were hard at work on New Year's Eve rescuing an angler who had fallen off rocks near Tintagel Head.
Volunteers raced through rough seas to find the fisherman, who was washed off the rocks by a freak wave in the late afternoon.
It is believed the man had been in the water for up to an hour before he was found.
Here's what the Harbor master wrote to the Port Issac RNLI lifeboat station:
"I have no doubt that the decision to enter Boscastle Harbour with the light fading and nearly gone was extremely difficult and in my opinion the courage and ability demonstrated by the crew, not only in the initial rescue but also in safely navigating the entrance to Boscastle Harbour through heavy surf with rocks littered all around, was of the highest calibre.
"I know that the crew selflessly put their own lives at very great risk last night. On behalf of my [Boscastle Harbour] association we appreciate their outstanding conduct."
No one can said it better! Let's salute those hard working heroic and courageous volunteers all around the world quietly risking their own safety every day to save other lives. May God bless them and their family!

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