Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happened along Mexican beach

Beach going, a stroll along the beach front should be the most enjoyable part of  a vacation outing. Right? Yes! But that's not always work out as expected.  The unexpected happenings lurking behind them can be tragic as this reports:

A giant wave is being blamed for the death of an elderly woman who was walking with a companion on a beach in Mexico when it broke on the shoreline, sucking her and a companion out to sea.
Local officials indicated that the deadly wave broke on shore as the pair of U.S. tourists was walking on the beach close to the famous stone arch in the Pacific resort of Cabo San Lucas. A 65-year-old woman was killed in the unusual event, while her 70-year-old partner was listed in serious condition at an area hospital.
This almost familiar story line happened again 10 days ago as this article by Myles Collier reports. The headline tells all: "Giant Wave Kills Tourist in Freak Accident Along Mexican Beach." I guess all accidents are to some extent freaque, but in this case it was caused by a giant wave broke on shore. May the tragic victim rest in peace!

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