Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tragedy in Ireland over St. Patrick Day weekend

A St Patrick weekend tragic Irish news reported in the independent.ie by Greg Harkin and Tom Shiel shows some important lessons to note:
A Polish man who had been living in Ireland for a number of years died after being hit by a freak wave on a fishing trip with friends.

The 55-year-old fisherman, who was married and had been living in Co Kildare, drowned when he fell off rocks into the sea at Mullaghmore Head, Co Sligo.
The report also included this tidbit:
The incident happened in an area notorious for freak waves. Local anglers tend to avoid the area.
So two points here should be of particular note: first the area where the tragedy happened is known to be "an area notorious for freaque waves". And further "Local angelers tend to avoid the area!" Therefore when visiting some fishing place it is clearly advisible to seek local informations to learn the local experiences and for safety! By all means avoid any place local people are known to have avoiding!

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