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Monday, December 16, 2013

Five washed into the sea by a wave in Meco, Portugal

An ordinary sandy beach, an early Sunday morning outing, nothing seems unexpected, sadly still unexpected tragedy happened to 5 university students as this Portugal News reports:

Fears are mounting as searches continue for five university students who went missing on a beach in Meco during the early hours of Sunday morning.
Seven students in total were on the Moinho de Baixo beach in Alfarim when they were washed into the sea by a wave.
One has been found dead and another survived the ordeal.
The survivor told search and rescue teams that the group had been sitting near the water’s edge when they were taken by surprise by a freak wave and washed into the sea.

Let's hope and pray the still missing can be found alive. What can we do? How can we prevent similar things from happening again  by just "sitting near the water's edge"?

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