Thursday, December 12, 2013

Trinida Fisherman Missing at Sea

 This news today in Trinida Express by Susan Mohammed:
A MAYARO fisherman, missing since a rogue wave capsized his boat on Tuesday, is suspected to have drowned.
Matthew Brown, 24, of Eccles Road, could not be found despite several searches by other fishermen in the area, said the Coast Guard.
Two other fishermen—Richard Phillip, 35, and Alexis Cassinare, 40—who were also in the boat were rescued.
According to police, around 8.30 a.m., the Coast Guard were alerted that a pirogue named Zaboo, carrying three fishermen, had capsized off Point Galeota.
When they went to the area, they discovered Phillip and Cassinare floating on the cover for a cooler.
The search for Brown continues today.
Last month, a helicopter crew rescued a fisherman clinging to a rock off Point Galeota after waves swamped his boat. Two other fishermen swam to shore.
Cpl Samlal of Mayaro Police Station is investigating.
So another tragedy identifiably caused by a freaque wave that capsized the 24 year old victim's boat and he went missing and suspected to have drowned. Nothing new really, just another drowning by another identified freaque wave. No more information, no more details. May the victim be rest in peace, sympathies to him, his family and his friends. That's their sad loss. Another case registered for the internet realm, otherwise just another case for the local file.  Life goes on!  The science world remains clueless about the what and why of freaque waves.

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