Monday, December 30, 2013

freaque waves forced capsize and abandoning Atlantic Challenge

Here's a picture of a row boat in the middle of Atlantic, encountering a freaque wave:

I am a little late in reporting this case which was reported from the BBC News England of December 17, 2013:
Two friends taking part in a challenge to row across the Atlantic have been rescued after their boat capsized.

Nick Rees, from Farnham, Surrey, and Ed Curtis, from Anglesey, north Wales, set off on their journey on 4 December.

They first capsized on Friday after a freak wave knocked them out of their boat, their blog said.

But after their boat rolled over again and suffered damage, the team decided with race organisers and coastguards that they should abandon the race.

A statement issued by Atlantic Campaigns, which organises the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, said the pair reported on Tuesday morning their boat had capsized and suffered damage.
. . .
 On the team's blog, the families wrote: "We have yet to speak to the boys directly but are very grateful for the operations put into place by Atlantic Campaigns to ensure their safety. Come home boys."
So  freaque waves forced the capsize of Mr. Nick Rees and Mr. Ed Curtis' boat, suffered damage, and had to abandon the challenge. But the important thing is that they are safely returned, welcome back!

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