Sunday, January 12, 2014

Don't risk it - stay away!

 In the Scottish Arbroath Herald yesterday, they published the above picture and an article entitled "Don't risk it - stay away!":

Walkers and thrill seekers using coastal areas in Arbroath are being urged to take extra care in the recent stormy weather which has brought with it huge waves.
Winter storms, strong wind and exceptionally high tides have seen the local coastline take a battering with large waves, which are strong enough to pull people out to sea.
On Thursday, Danger Point at the Fit O’ The Toon was particularly bad hit but despite signs warning people to stay clear in bad conditions, it didn’t stop several youngsters from running towards the waves and playing dodge.
One concerned eye witness at Danger Point on Thursday said: “I was quite concerned to see a group of young teens put themselves at risk by jumping in and out the waves as they came to shore.
“There have been several deaths with innocent souls being swept away by the power of rogue waves in the past few days, across the  UK shoreline.
“There are clear warnings to people using the Point in stormy weather but can’t help worrying that one of these days an innocent game of dodge will result in a local youngster losing their life.
“It’s perhaps time for the local authorities to highlight this during these stormy times.”
The local RNLI crew had to brave the stormy conditions before Christmas when they were called out on a shout on December 23 in high seas to rescue a vessel in distress.
And an Arbroath RNLI spokesman explained: “The message we would like to put across is that the stormy conditions can be extremely dangerous and we would urge anyone going to the coast to take extra care accordingly. 
“In particular avoid exposed places where large waves could easily sweep you off your feet.
“In other parts of the country two people have tragically died recently in separate incidents having been swept out to sea. This sadly demonstrates just how dangerous these conditions can be.”
Meanwhile Ross Greenhill from the local HM Coastguard added: “HM Coastguard would like to remind the public that whilst the sea can be a spectacle it can also be extremely dangerous often with little warning.
“In the last few weeks there have been a number of deaths attributed to individuals who were too close to the waves during severe weather.
“The risk is not just being swept away by waves but is also what is in the water and being struck by this could lead to serious injury.
“Our officers along with lifeboat crews and firefighters have to risk their lives in order to protect you if you get into difficulty.”

There are some sound advises in there. I guess there are people who would not allow "fear" to interfere with there adventurous spirit until it is too late.  Regardless, sound advises are still very much welcome and needed, even it might fall on deaf ears.

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