Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happened on Sandinero beach, Santander, Spain

Here's a picture with a caption that states "One moment the woman is dancing on the beach and the next she is swept away by a giant wave". This not very clear picture was published in news section this morning entitled "Dancing woman swept away by giant wave on Sandinero beach, Santander Spain". The title pretty much tells the whole story. The good news is that she's obviously fine, um, not seriously hurt. The article has this opening line:
Mother Nature soon proved her power to a woman who appeared to taunt an incoming wave with a series of hip-wiggling dance moves.
and this details:
The woman, who it is believed was not seriously hurt by her experiences, no doubt regretted delaying her exit from the Spanish beach. Bypassers watched as the tidal surge swept her off her feet at Sardinero Beach in Santander.
Her head is visible bobbing up and down along the waves as she is swept along the beach, with one passer by vainly offering her an umbrella. Despite the apparent gravity of the footage, she had a lucky escape and emerged from the water with just bruises, it is understood.
What can we learn from this story? Do NOT ever attempt to taunt Mother Nature's nature power, of course! If the same thing were happening all over again, anything can happen in a swept off, the dancing lady may not fare as lucky as this time again!

Wait! I just found another Metro article with more details and a video that has much better picture of the whole thing. Please go there and take a look at what had happened.

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