Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Man swept to death by freaque wave in port of Ondarroa, Spain

When I first saw the title of this news from  "Man swept to death by freak wave", I thought that must be an old news.  But I was wrong, the news was posted online at 3:29pm January 29, 2014, and here's the synopsis:
A man swept to his death in Spain saw the wave that killed him for only a split-second before he was washed away, chilling video of his final moments reveals.
Please visit the news site to see the "chilling video" for details -- the waves in the video are truly frightening!

Here are some of the the detailed descriptions:
An unnamed 43-year-old Senegalese man was walking on the pier in the port of Ondarroa when he was caught out by a freak wave in stormy weather just before 11am local time on Tuesday, El Pais reports.
The man appears to be unaware of his danger as a wall of whitewater explodes over the top of the concrete pier, the video shows.
He then turns to run as tonnes of water come crashing down but it is too late.
Spain's Red Cross reportedly launched a rescue boat to save the victim from the raging seas but he was declared dead after CPR failed to revive him.
Another happening, another tragedy!  This one just appears to be unavoidable when all of a sudden  "a wall of whitewater explodes over the top of the concrete pier."  All kinds of things happen in nature, unexpected, unpredicted, as well as unprepared, it is just an act of nature caught people on the pier without warning.  It can happen any time, any place, somehow!


In this UK Dailymail article there're video and pictures of this tragic case showing the last moments of the man who seemed unaware of the danger he was in until it was too late! The article is entitled:
Caught on camera: Chilling moment man tried to flee wall of water which swept him to his death.
(Read more:

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