Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Encountered by Cruise ship Crystal Serenity

This recent April 27, 2014 news has just came to my attention:
(7:45 a.m. EDT) -- A wave that struck a luxury cruise ship sailing in the Mediterranean broke windows and caused damage to the ship's main dining room. 
The wave hit Crystal Cruises' 1,070-passenger ship Crystal Serenitywhile it was en route from Spain to Monte Carlo. 
According to a Cruise Critic member who is posting live reports from the ship on the Cruise Critic forums, the wave struck Serenity during the early hours of Saturday morning (April 26).  
Member Keith1010 wrote: "… at around 1:30 AM a rogue wave likely hit the ship because three windows in the Crystal Dining Room were blown in and of course water also came in." 
Crystal confirmed the report to Cruise Critic.
Crystal Serenity "was cruising the southern coast of Spain en route to Monte Carlo when the wave struck," a Crystal spokesperson said. "Temporary repairs were made to the windows during the night by the ship's crew. Most guests on board were unaware of any disturbance until an announcement was made to the entire ship to keep everyone abreast of the situation and to advise that dining room would not be open for breakfast or lunch. 
"During the day, the windows were permanently fixed, the carpet was cleaned and dried, several other restaurants were open for breakfast and lunch, including Prego that was opened for lunch. The Crystal Dining Room resumed service for dinner." 
According to Keith1010: "Portions of the carpeting got wet. A few tables are out of commission for the short term but given that several people are dining at other venues and even off the ship there are no issues. 

"Again, kudos for the hard work of the Serenity crew and for working so hard to make this as transparent to the guests as possible," he said
Crystal Serenity is currently on a 13-night Mediterranean cruise from Southampton to Rome. 
--Jamey Bergman, UK Production Editor 

May be because there was no major damage, some onboard did not even noticed the happening, there's no world wide news coverage, but nevertheless this was a true freaque encounter! By the way here's a file photo of Crystal Serenty:

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Carlos Miguel De Villa said...

Thank God everybody's safe! Only windows were broken and is immediately repaired. By the way, for those who want to work in a cruise you can visit NSMS here.