Friday, May 02, 2014

Happened off rocks at Australia's Wybung Head

This tragedy happened near Australia's east coast, but the news was reported from in this report:

Apr 27,2014
SYDNEY, April 27 (Xinhua)-- In a further rock-fishing tragedy that has blighted the recreational fishing on Australia's unpredictable eastern coast, police recovered Saturday the body of a Chinese national lost off rocks at Wybung Head who tried to save a friend lost moments earlier on the NSW Central Coast. Police resumed Sunday the search for another man who is assumed lost in the same circumstances.
About 6.30 p.m. Friday, a group of two women and four men from Sydney were fishing off rocks, when one of the women was swept into the water by a wave.
The young rock fisherman appears to have drowned in the vain attempt to save his girl friend. The young man is among 10 risk- taking fisherman who have died in the past two years in the same treacherous waters of the NSW Central Coast.
So it's another location, another place, another time, another occurrence of the same script of   tragedy!!! Even the same dreadful description "swept into the water by a wave " as happened in many previous cases at other locations. But here the happening took an unexpected turn later:
When the two men from the group made the fateful decision to leap into extremely dangerous white breakers -- waves that smash into the rocky headlands -- they struggled momentarily before the woman was miraculously swept back to safety by another wave.
If the first wave was an unexpected freaque one, this second "miraculously swept back to safety" wave for the rescue is clearly unexpected. With freaque waves nothing can be expected, nothing can be taken for granted. We are in the hands of mighty nature, we'll never know what to expect or what's going to happen!

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