Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Happened off the Treasure Coast, Florida

This is the headline
Rogue Wave Capsizes Boat Sunday; 
2 Rescued After 17 Hours In The Water Off Fort Pierce
given in the CBS12.com by Scott Smith:

By Scott T. Smith / CBS12 News
OFF THE TREASURE COAST, Fla. -- Two Tequesta men in their 30s were rescued after 17 hours in the water when their boat was struck and capsized by a rogue wave Sunday afternoon.

Though they left from the Jupiter Inlet, the Coast Guard located them 12 miles out from the Ft. Pierce inlet Monday morning. The men were not injured but they were a little dehydrated.

The Coast Guard found the pair on the upturned hull of their boat in relatively rough seas.

The Coast Guard says the men told each other jokes while they drifted north in the Gulf Stream. They are back home and reported in good spirits.

A rogue wave is one that is at least twice as high as the observed conditions. Seas were reported withe 3- to 5-foot swells on Sunday, so a rogue wave in those conditions would be 10 feet or more.

Now this is most definitely a happy ending. I can't be more impressed by the two gentlemen that 'told each other jokes while they drifted north in the Gulf Stream" during their 17 hours ordeal waiting to be rescued.   That kind of calmness must be special God's blessing for them. Wish all encounter can be resolved similarly.

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