Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Again, another.

This latest AFP news reporting freak weather hit the French Mediterranean island of Corsica. The occurrence of freaque waves does not always resulting from bad weather or storms. But one can certainly always expect giant or large waves to happen whenever bad weather or storms occur. In this news, the same dreadful thing happened again:
Rescuers found the body of a 19-year-old Swiss tourist who was carried away by a powerful wave while walking on a storm-lashed beach in the north of the island on Monday.
The weather condition as reported by this article indicates "Violent winds, freezing fog and rain were expected to continue lashing the normally-sunny island until at least Wednesday." It's always dangerous to walk on a beach even during seemingly nice weather. Why would anyone risk it to walk on the "storm-lashed" beach?

As this news has just happened. Don't be surprised when reporters from this side of Atlantic Ocean get a hold of this case, all will be naturally blamed on, what else? The human-induced global warming, of course!

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Anonymous said...

By chance I happended to see the tragic incident on the Fango river beach. For the correctness it should be mentioned, that he not just walked on the beach, but actively went into water to play and first seemed to have a lot of fun within the spray by being washed onshore. I have much repect for those braves who -despite the danger - tried to give him a hand after the water pulled him into the waves. But for all who saw the incident from look out nearby it was obvious that he had no chance. The waves were too huge. I also feel very much sorry for the family who lost a son.