Saturday, May 19, 2007

Conspiracy of sun-moon alliance

Here's a news from the Montreal Gazette this morning:

Massive waves have hit coastlines across Indonesia, sending hundreds of panicky residents rushing from their homes and destroying fishing boats and beachside shacks.

Television footage showed high waves crashing into the tourist island of Bali, parts of southern Java island and Sukabumi area in West Java where dozens of residents scrambled inland as flood waters flowed into a little village.

Officials warned fishermen against sailing in the Java sea tomorrow.

"The moon is in line with the sun and this, therefore, results in higher tidal waves than usual," said H. Sutrisno, head of data and information at the Metereology and Geophysics Agency in Bali.
This Mr. H. Sutrisno is an honest and resonsible official giving his plausible opinion for what he thinks. Clearly his mind is not contaminated by the global warming mumble jumble yet as he is not blaming it on guilty human -- that's why you will not find his opinion being cited in the New York Times and the likes.

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