Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another walking on the beach, another tragedy.

This news reported from Ireland about a tragic event happened in the east coast of Spain:
A QUIET holiday in Spain ended in tragedy for a local couple when they were swallowed up by a freak wave, sucked out to sea and one of them drowned.

Nigel Kehoe from Grangecon, Baltinglass, was holidaying in Alicante, Spain, with his long-term girlfriend, Lisa Keogh, when the tragic accident happened.

It was before lunchtime on Friday when they were walking from the water after a swim in the sea at Cala Estaca beach when a freak wave sucked them under the water and pulled them both out to sea. Lisa was able to free herself from the water, however, 21-year-old carpenter Nigel was unable to extricate himself and tragically drowned. . .

Here's a scenery from the nearby beach:

And here's a comment from a hometown priest:

“Everybody is shocked and stunned here. He is from a lovely family and they are very well known. Nigel played soccer with Grangecon AFC and gaelic football with Baltinglass GAA. There is a nice, beautiful community where the family live and our prayers are with them right now.”

No further words needed here.

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