Monday, May 14, 2007

Six missing after freak wave

This depressing title "Six missing after freak wave" is the title given by the following news reported in Independent Online of South Africa:
Port Louis - Freak waves swept away at least six people off the coast of the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues at the weekend, police said on Monday.

One person went missing after a strong swell overturned his boat off the coast of south-east Mauritius on Saturday evening, while three fishermen disappeared on Sunday afternoon off Rodrigues, a territory 560km to the east of Mauritius.

There was also no sign of two coast guards whose boat was overturned when they were searching for the missing fishermen on Sunday afternoon.

Mauritius weather services reported waves of larger than three metres off the coast of the Indian Ocean islands at the weekend, and warned of further large waves on Monday.
I guess with two fishermen missing in neighboring island of Reunion, it should not be surprising that these happenings in Mauritius and Rodrigues. Again the calling of "freak" waves may not be justified. As the details are not known here, but the fact that " . . . swept away . . . off the coast . . ." can only underline the danger of coastal beaches, with or without freaque waves.

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