Monday, October 29, 2007

The best of times! -- Update

A month ago I blogged a post entitled "The best of times!" in which I observed rather unscientifically that
"There's only one named tropical storm in North Atlantic so far became a hurricane. (Tropical storm Dean was upgraded to the first hurricane of the 2007 season on August 16.)"
Well, the 2007 hurricane season has still one month left, Ryan Maue, a Ph.D. candidate at Florida State University just prepared a fabulous summary of the 2007 yearly tropical cyclone activity that shows 2007 hurricane season may rank as the most "inactive" one in 30 years and made this morning's headline in Drudge Report. Here's one of his charts:
Are we really in the midst of global warming? Hurricanes are certainly not cooporating with that contention!

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