Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tranquility desisted

The tranquility of no freaque wave this summer, which I talked about a few days ago, momentarily desisted this morning with the appearance of two tragic news from U.K.: The first one "Two sea-anglers drawned" happened off the Welsh coast, and the second news was about the inquest of a case that was actually happened on New Years eve.

These stories are really not new. I have blogged quite a few cases here over the past year about similar kind of happenings in nearshore area around the world. So I'll spare the details of these two cases this time and leave them to their original articles.

I just wish to reiterate some of my personal thoughts that I have alluded to times and again: the ocean beach nearshore area is really one of the most hazardous places in life, it can be deceiving with its natural attractiveness and charm and easily for us to temporarily lose sight of the possible danger, but dangers really can happen without prior notice and then it's too late!

Another of my repeating mantra is that no tangible research has yet done to alleviate this particular hazard that so deeply connected to our pursue of happiness. Yes, there are academic departments doing nearshore researches. But that's only those can be neatly put together in a set of equations, solved by computer and results conveniently plotted as impressive animations. After all have said and done, we still have not the slightest idea on what's going on with those onshore and nearshore freaque waves.

I have one other sincere hope for the naval architecture academia. I think their researches are mostly aimed at giant ships, large, larger, and largest. I hope someone can also willing to pay attention to improve the safe design of smaller boats, those have size 100 feet or smaller where most of the pleasure boats and fishing vessels lie. They are the kind of widely accessible boats most vulnerable to unexpected or even expected storm waves.

I have other thoughts about the political hindrance toward solving this hazardous problem people face daily all around the world. I better keep them to myself. Suffice to say, I think the one single, best advise I have seen and would readily advice my family is simply wearing a life vest or life jacket whenever and wherever near the shore and beach area! This is not an advertisement for life vests. Just wish every one can do it for their own safety and the safety of their love ones. There is absolutely no excuse for anyone not to wear a life vest or life jacket on a boat, especially those smaller ones.

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